Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Want to upgrade your traditional gas stove with a modern kitchen hob? Here is detailed information about the best kitchen hobs in India. In this guide, we have cleared all doubts and questions related to a kitchen hob.

In the past days, people used to like gas stoves in the kitchen for daily cooking. But when the modular kitchen introduced, all things were changed. Nowadays, kitchen hobs have taken over the gas stoves in India. Kitchen hobs are becoming more popular day by day. It is obvious, they come in attractive designs and are best suitable for the modern kitchen.

Best Selling Kitchen Hobs in India

Reasons To Use A Kitchen Hob

  • Kitchen hobs are the best cooking appliance for a modular kitchen.
  • They look attractive and gives a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
  • Kitchen hobs are available in various types of models, designs, and sizes.
  • These are popular among people and come from trusted brands in India.
  • It has a stylish design so people love to cook food on the kitchen hob.
  • Almost all the kitchen hobs come with an automatic ignition mode.
  • Kitchen hobs come with a long time of warranty.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Hobs in India

In this section, we will give a detailed explanation about all the features and specifications of kitchen hobs one by one, so that you can make difference among them easily. It will help you in finding the best hob in India.

1. Bosch Built-in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I

best kitchen hobs in India

Here is the first and the best kitchen hob for your kitchen, it is the most used hob and the users are satisfied with the build quality of this kitchen hob. Even, you should know that it comes from Bosch which is a widely popular and premium brand. Bosch is delivering superior quality kitchen hobs, gas stoves, and other kitchen appliances too.

Now, come to the main features of Bosch hob. First of all, the top of the kitchen hob is equipped with black color toughened glass. While looking at the top of the gas hob, you can’t remove your eyes from it, because of its marvelous and elegant design. As for those who are keen on good-looking appliances, believe us that it will give you a mind-blowing experience with aesthetic looks.

The hob is equipped with 4 burners that will let you cook any type of food, as well as you can cook two or three dishes simultaneously because of a great distance among all the burners. All the burners and the hob can handle any type of utensils whether it is large or small. Moreover, the hob is made for providing a convenient cooking experience.

We are not going to explain small things or features about this kitchen hob. But we are sure, this gas hob will not make you unhappy, all features are good enough to give your cooking experience an extra edge. All these adorable features forced us to list it on the number one. Therefore, without thinking more, go and take action.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • Bosch is one of the most popular brands for home and kitchen appliances.
  • The kitchen hob has a unique design and premium features.
  • You can easily cook delicious dishes.
  • It looks attractive and elegant.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • This hob is costly but has premium features.
  • The hobs require more care than gas stoves.

2. iBELL AERO3BGH 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Hob

best kitchen hobs in India

Now, we are going to introduce that kitchen hob which can also be used as a gas stove. The name of this supreme hob is iBELL AERO3BGH Gas Hob. Many people are using it in their kitchen for cooking hassle-free food. Even, the iBell kitchen hob is giving superior experience to their users by providing them an ample performance.

iBell hob comes with high quality toughened glass top which looks adorable and elegant. The glass top is scratch restistent. Moreover, the kitchen hob is easy to clean and completely safe from the damage by extreme high temperature. It is the best feature of kitchen hobs that people love to cook food by using them, because of the charming look.

What we liked most about this kitchen hob is that it comes with automatic ignition mode which means you can operate it without any matchstick or gaslighter. Moreover, it comes with 3 durable burners, that are built for handling all types of cooking utensils. Even, the burners provide accurate heat to the vessels which helps in cooking faster than usual.

In the end, we are going to tell some extra features of this kitchen hob that are, it comes with strong anti-skid rubber feet and ergonomic knob design. All the features are incredible,as well as customer feedback is top notch. All these points assure that it will be a great cooking kitchen hob for your kitchen.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • You can use it as a gas stove too.
  • All the users are satisfied with its performance.
  • The burners come with a 4 years Warranty.
  • It has automatic ignition mode.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • You can suffer some problem in terms of service.
  • The brand is not so popular as other ones.

3. Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner Built-in Glass Top Gas Hob

best kitchen hobs in India

Have a look at the brand new kitchen hob that comes from Glen. Glen is providing the most premium kitchen appliances for a long time. Most of the users who are cooking food on their devices are happy. People often confused to figure out which brand is best for the cooking devices, but we are here to give you the assurance that you will not upset by Glen.

Hence, Glen 1074 SQ 4 burner gas hob is another best kitchen hobs in India. We will give a comprehensive explanation of all the features of this kitchen hob. First of all, the kitchen hob is covered with a toughened glass top that reflects a charming look and elegant design. Generally, the glass top comes with scratch-resistant quality. Moreover, you can easily clean it without any headache.

For those people who are searching for 4 burner hob, believe us it will be a perfect match for your kitchen. The kitchen hob is equipped with high-quality burners that will give the flexibility to cook one or more dishes simultaneously. Moreover, the distinctive space among burners gives more reliability of using large utensils at a time.

Moreover, the kitchen hob has manufactured by considering all the safety guidelines. What we liked most about this hob is that it is made by keeping in mind all the Indian cooking requirements. And, when a reliable and trusted brand provides something, you should go for it.

  • The gas stove comes from Glen which is a trusted and reputed brand.
  • You will not face any problem with the service.
  • It is enough durable for cooking various dishes.
  • 4 burners help to cook faster.
  • The design is not so beautiful.
  • The price is too high.

4. Kaff HBR 603 Brass Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob

best kitchen hobs in India

Now come to another new but premium kitchen hobs provider which is Kaff. Yes, you heard it right. We have tested and researched so many kitchen hobs on the internet but most of them were not fitting well with what they were promising in terms of durability, design, and quality. Suddenly, we got some of the gas stoves and kitchen hobs from Kaff, and we fall in love with their unique and durable kitchen hobs.

Kaff HBR 603 Brass Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob is one of those kitchen hobs. The kitchen hob is equipped with 3 brass burners, all the burners are designed to produce heat emission, and give accurate temperature for utensils to cook food fast. Moreover, you must choose only that gas stove or kitchen hob which comes with brass burners because the brass is an excellent conductor of heat and it lasts long because of its corrosion-resistant nature.

Now, we will explaned about its appearance. We have heard many times that the first impression is the last impression. Kaff HBR 603 Brass Auto Ignition 3 Burner Hob is an exact example of this line. This kitchen hob has acquired almost all the features that you wish for in your gas hob. The Kaff kitchen hob is equipped with black tempered glass which looks fantastic and adds an elegant charm to your kitchen.

Last but not the least, the makers of the Kaff kitchen hob have given it an auto electric ignition mode that clarifies, you don’t need any gas regulator or matchbox to ignite the kitchen hob. In addition, to make your cooking experience convenient, it comes with easy-grip knobs.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • The kitchen hob has automatic electric ignition.
  • The kitchen hob is equipped with Enamelled matt finish.
  • Kaff is a good kitchen hob provider in India.
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • Kaff is not so popular as other kitchen hob brands in India.
  • You can have some issues regarding service.

5. Faber Hob 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Stove

best kitchen hobs in India

The people who are looking for a 3 burner kitchen hob for their daily cooking, this one can complete all your needs. Faber Hob 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Stove is one of the most used kitchen hobs in India, and many people have interset into it as we have checked it online. Even, the brand is also doing well in the field of kitchen hobs by providing quality service.

What we liked most about it, the glass top of this hob is designed in such a way that it can handle all types of utensils without any scratch. In addition, the one more thing which forced us to list it in our post is that it comes with an auto-ignition mode which clarifies that you don’t need to use any gas regulator matchbox to start it.

Moreover, the edge of the hob comes with a protector that protects its corners and glass. The hob has equipped with 3 high-performing brass burners, that are not only durable but also heat-efficient. You can use them for your daily cooking with more efficiency and convenience.

Faber hob top ensures the safety of your kitchen by introducing anti-leak technology at the end of gas pipes, which means there is no headache of gas leakage. In all, we will suggest that if you have children in your family, you can choose this gas hob.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • It has a slim design that takes less space in your kitchen.
  • The knobs will not heat after longer cooking.
  • The burners and valve come with a warranty of 5 years.
  • It is equipped with an automatic ignition system.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • Some of the buyers are not satisfied with its quality.
  • The price is higher compared to other hobs.

6. Prestige Hobtop Schott Glass 2 Burner Auto Ignition Stove

best kitchen hobs in India

Prestige hob top gas stove is best for those kinds of people who are looking for a modern and branded kitchen hob. The very first thing before choosing any product that comes to our mind is, that the brand is trusted and reputed or not. For that, let us clarify, Prestige is one of the most popular brands in India, has earned his reputation by providing top-notch service.

What we liked most about this kitchen hob is that it comes with an advanced auto-ignition mode which will add more convenience and efficiency to your cooking. Moreover, the hob has equipped with a toughened glass top that feels premium and looks attractive. Moreover, it has an elegant body like a hob but has legs due to which you can use it as a gas stove.

It has 2 burners that are made of cast iron, generally, most of the experts suggest having a kitchen hob that comes with brass burners because the brass is an excellent conductor of heat. This is the only problem that this hob has, besides all things work fine. Moreover, it comes with specially designed Sabaf burners (imported from Italy) these burners provide uniform heating and consume lesser gas.

What makes it different from other kitchen hobs is its durability, efficiency, and convertible design. Hence, if you want all these features within one kitchen hob, then this unbeatable device is waiting for you.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • It comes with an auto-ignition mode.
  • The brand is trusted and reputed.
  • It is best for those who want a 2 burner hob.
  • The design is modern and looks awesome.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • Some of the buyers are not happy with its performance and durability.

7. Glen 1063 SQ Glass 3 Burner Auto Built-in Hob

best kitchen hobs in India

If you are looking for a kitchen hob that is extremely easy to use and maintain, then this Glen gas hob is for you. It will amaze you with the power performance definitely, moreover, the design will attract you to finish more tasks in less time. In terms of durability, it is really hard to beat Glen 1063 SQ Glass 3 Burner Auto Built-in Hob by another kitchen hob.

The kitchen hob will last a very long time, is easy to maintain, and look good in a home. In addition, the built-in hob has a glass top of black color finish, which gives the gas to another complementary feature. The glass top is easy to clean and is scratch-resistant. In addition. the automatic ignition adds more value to it.

What different feature from others in this kitchen hob is that it comes with sturdy pan supports which are entirely powerful to handle all types of utensils whether it is small or large. It is equipped with three double-ring brass burners, specially designed for Indian cooking. In short, the Glen kitchen hob gives elegance to your kitchen for long years.

In all, we have discussed all pros and cons of this one, and we are leaving the final decision on you. All the above features are proof that why this kitchen hob finds its place in our list of the best kitchen hobs in India.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • Glen is known for high-quality appliances very well.
  • All the users are happy with its performance.
  • It has durable and distinct-sized brass burners.
  • Glen hob comes with a warranty of 2 years.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • Price is too high, you can choose a 4 burner kitchen hob at this cost.

8. iBELL 590GH Hob Toughened Glass 4 Burner Top Gas Stove

best kitchen hobs in India

Here, we have another top-performing kitchen hob that can also be used as a gas stove in your kitchen. Moreover, it is suitable for all kinds of kitchens whether it is traditional or modern, so feel free to bring it to your elegant kitchen. Although iBell is not so famous as other brands. But when you see what people are saying after bringing it, then you will realize that it provides outstanding products.

It comes with the high-quality 4 brass burners, that are not only heat-efficient but also durable for continuous cooking. What makes this gas hob best is its automatic ignition system that offers hassle-free cooking that means no requirement for a matchbox or gaslighter. Therefore, people love to use these types of kitchen hobs for daily cooking.

What comes to your mind when you see it for the first time? If you ask us about its design and looks, we will say awesome without any doubt. It is obvious, the black color with a shining glass top makes it attractive and scenic. In addition, the glass is scratch-resistant and easy to clean after cooking. But be conscious while cleaning it and don’t clean it right after cooking.

Moreover, it has also general features like anti-skid feet, sturdy pan support, and smooth functioning knobs, etc. In all, if you want to bring a kitchen hob that looks wonderful, then this one is for you.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • All the burner have a warranty of 4 years.
  • Most users have given good & positive feedback.
  • It is user-friendly, one can easily use and clean it.
  • It is the most attractive and beautiful kitchen hob.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • The brand is not popular, hence, you can face some issues regarding the service.

9. Greenchef GHT HOB Auto Ignition Glass Top Gas Stove

best kitchen hobs in India

Are you waiting for a kitchen hob that will perfectly shine in your kitchen with an aesthetic look? Here is our next recommendation on kitchen hob that will provide you all the features which you want. This is a kind of kitchen hob that will suit only in a modern kitchen, consequently, you can’t use it as a stove in a general or traditional kitchen.

The hob is specifically designed to prepare various dishes, and support different shapes of the utensils. The Greenchef cooktop comes with 4 large burners to keep up any type of utensils. All these burners are highly efficient and strong, delivers accurate heat. As always black color attracts, hence, this gas hob is shaped with a black toughened glass top that adds elegance to your kitchen.

Moreover, the kitchen hob is equipped with sturdy pan support which is necessary to easily accommodate large and heavy utensils. It provides durability and maximum stability for pots and pans and as well as maintains the balance of utensils on the stove, ensures not fall off easily. Therefore, it shows that it can handle all types of utensils.

In the last, what we liked most about this kitchen hob is that it is equipped with lots of features, and the people who have brought it to their kitchen are happy to have it. They are satisfied with its quality and using it without any issue.

Pros (What We Liked Most)
  • It provides the best Indian cooking experience.
  • The glass top is easy to clean with a wet cloth.
  • The base is stable and equipped with anti-skid feet.
  • The elegant knobs work smoothly.
Cons (What We Didn’t Like)
  • This kitchen hob is too expensive compared to other ones.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Hobs Brands in India

1. Kaff

Kaff is one of India’s best kitchen hob brands and known for delivering high-quality home & kitchen appliances all over India. We liked most Kaff because the people who are using appliances are happy and satisfied with the performance.

They have been providing many kinds of premium home appliances for modular kitchens for a long time. In terms of a kitchen hob, we are sure that you will get the perfect one according to your needs. Kaff will not disappoint you.

2. iBell

iBell is not as well known or popular as other brands in India. But during our research, we found that they have provided high-quality gas stoves and kitchen hobs to so many people. Moreover, the people are giving a positive response and are happy with the quality. That’s the reason, we have listed it in our guide

3. Prestige

Prestige, one of the oldest, trusted and premium brands in India, has delivered thousands of home appliances all over India. In the market, they are a leading brand and providing so many people with high-quality products. What we like most about Prestige is that it provides various range of home appliances with different kinds of design, shapes, and features.

You can get any type of home and kitchen appliances from them at an affordable cost. However, Prestige provides all kinds of appliances, whether it is expensive or affordable. Thus, feel free to choose a kitchen hob of Prestige, we are sure you will be happy.

4. Glen

If you are a person who is looking for a kitchen hob that works for long years without any notable problem, then Glein is the best hob brand for you. Glen is popular among people for providing durable and elegant appliances. They have also a wide range of models. All these models are perfect for a modern or traditional kitchen.

What we like most about Glen is that it has its own ecosystem in the field of home appliances. Glen can provide you any type of appliance you want. Therefore, you can rely on Glen for the best kitchen hobs.

5. Faber

Faber is a multinational brand that delivers many kinds of home and kitchen appliances all over the world. It is not a single company, but also a group of one of the top leading brands in India. It is not as popular as other brands in India but in terms of kitchen hob, we are sure that it will not upset you. Faber will provide the best hob for your kitchen definitely.

Buying Guide For Kitchen Hobs

1) Design – When it comes to purchasing a kitchen hob in India, most people want a unique and stylish design. Let us make sure that if you are looking for a kitchen hob that comes with an elegant design, will cost you more compared to a kitchen job that comes with more features. Most brands provide attractive models of kitchen hobs, that’s because kitchen hobs are made for modular kitchens mainly. So, if the design is your first priority, there are so many options available in the market.

2) Durability – Most people forget about durability, and they see only design and features but durability is one of the most considering factors while choosing any kitchen hob. What you will cook if your hob is not enough durable to handle the utensils? Therefore, be aware and choose that kind of kitchen hob which consists of a toughened glass top, a durable body, and sturdy feet.

3) Burners – While choosing a kitchen hob for your daily cooking purpose, it is necessary to check the number of burners. Most people choose 4 burners or 3 burner gas hob for their kitchen. But, let us clarify which one is better for you. If you are a person who has 2-4 family members, then a 2 burner kitchen hob is more than sufficient for you. And, if you are a family of more than 5 people, then you must choose a 3 or 4 burner kitchen hob, both are fine and works well.

4) Functions – While bringing a modern kitchen hob to the kitchen, one should check all its features. There are a few functions that are mandatory in a gas hob, which are smooth functioning knobs, auto-ignition mode, brass burners, scratch-resistant glass, and ISI mark. Your kitchen hob must have all these functions.

5) Brand –All the experts recommend choosing that product or kitchen hob which comes from a popular and trusted brand. Because there are so many brands available in the market which claims that they will provide a durable product and good service after the sale but they don’t. So, be aware of these brands, you should always choose a kitchen hob or any other appliance from that brand which provides good service.

6) Budget – The budget plays a big role in buying the best kitchen hob or any other home appliance. It decides what type of kitchen hob you are going to bring. If the price is high and your budget is low, then you will not get the features and design that you want. But, here is our tip for you to get a perfect gas hob. Choose a kitchen hob that has a simple design so that you can get a kitchen hob with more features at the same cost.

7) Warranty – Warranty is the most considering factor when it comes to buying any type of home appliance online whether it is a kitchen hob or a gas stove. The warranty gives your relaxation so that you can repair that appliance without paying extra money. Hence, always choose that kitchen hob which comes with at least a warranty of 2 years or more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Final Verdict

We have shared all the information, guide, and detailed features about the best kitchen hobs in India. Now, it is your turn to bring a perfect kitchen hob to your kitchen. We always recommend choosing an appliance that comes with special features and suits all your needs and budget.

Through this article, we have cleared all your doubts and questions related to the kitchen hob. If you have any other doubt regarding the hobs, feel free to comment below or contact us. We will happy to help you.

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