Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel – Which is Better & Why?

We all know that the gas stoves provide a convenient and easy-to-use experience. But most people think about glass top gas stove vs stainless steel gas stove by comparing them.

Gas stoves are gaining recognition and popularity due to their convenience and ease of use. Usually, the gas stoves come in two designs that are glass top and stainless steel.

In this article, we have shared all the differences between the glass top gas stove and stainless steel stove so that you can easily choose the right gas stove for your kitchen.

The glass top stoves are manufactured with the help of modern technology that is why they come with extra designs and features as well as costly in price.

On the other hand, the stainless steel stoves come with fewer features and a normal design, consequently, they are the cheapest ones.

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Glass Top Gas Stove Vs Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Having the right gas stove can save your cooking time, and also the time you spend cleaning it. There are so many designs and models available in the market that normal people have confused to figure which is the best one. These so many options in style, design, and functions are enough to leave any average buyer confused.

So, if you are going to purchase a perfect stove for your kitchen, then it is advised that you should invest in a good quality gas stove for your kitchen, that not only fulfills your needs but also provides you the best value for money. Today, we are going to share our opinion about the glass top gas stove vs stainless steel and which one is perfect for you.

But before comparing both of them, one more thing we want to say that If you choose a glass top gas stove, then you can go with our detailed post on the best glass top gas stoves in India. In case of choosing a stainless steel gas stove, you can follow our article on the best stainless steel gas stoves in India.

Design & Appearance

Usually, glass top gas stoves are available in various designs and models, but in terms of stainless steel gas stoves, they are available with fewer models and designs compared to glass top gas stoves. The stainless steel gas stove users should know that there are very few designs are available which is a disappointing thing.

But don’t be disappointed because the gas stoves which have extra designs and features are costly in price. Yet if you want to choose those costly gas stoves with premium designs and features, you can go with a glass top gas stove.

In summary, if we see a glass top gas stove vs stainless steel gas stove in terms of design and appearance, then a glass top gas stove is much better than a stainless steel gas stove.

Ease of Use

Now if you ask me which one is easy to use glass top gas stove or stainless steel, then the answer is stainless steel stove. It is obvious because a stainless steel gas stove has fewer features compared to a glass top gas stove.

But we all know that the gas stove is a type of kitchen appliance which has fewer features if we compare it with other kitchen appliances. So, there is no major difference between a glass top gas stove and stainless steel gas stove in the aspect of usability.


Both types of glass stoves are enough durable and will work fine for daily purposes. But if you are a heavy cooking person, and want to cook too frequently. And the pots and pans that you are using, have heavyweight then you should choose only a stainless steel stove because they can easily handle heavyweight. But glass top gas stoves have a glass top surface so the heavyweight vessels can crack it.


Now we will discuss more on the glass top gas stove vs stainless steel stove, in terms of safety. Most of the stainless steel gas stoves manufacture by considering all the safety guidelines that are why they come with ISI approval which is a sign of safety. In the case of a glass top gas stove, there are only a few glass top stoves that are coming with an ISI mark.

But it doesn’t mean that they are not safe. They are also safe to use and manufactured by considering all the safety guidelines but sometimes they lack in the term of safety because of glass top surface as it can be crack during cooking which can harm you.

Ignition System

Now the most asking point about a gas stove is the ignition system. First of all, let me clarify that there are two types of ignition mode in a gas stove. The first one is manual ignition mode and another one is automatic ignition mode. Both ignition mode works fine.

In terms of an ignition system, a glass top cooktop is a clear winner. Yes, you read it right. It is because most of the glass top gas stoves come with both ignition modes but the stainless steel stove comes with manual ignition mode. There are only a few stainless stoves that have an automatic ignition mode.


It is true that glass top gas stoves give you more working or cooking efficiency compared to stainless steel stoves because of their premium, elegant and attractive design. People love to cook on a glass top gas stove. It will not bore you during cooking.

On the other side, stainless steel gas stoves seem traditional, and because of their old look, you can feel some boredom during cooking. This point was related to a person cooking efficiency. But now if we talk about the cooking efficiency of the gas stoves, then stainless steel gas stove is more efficient than glass top stove.

The main reason is that, while cooking on a glass top gas stove you also need to care about its glass and other parts but on the stainless steel stove you are free to cook without having distractions from caring for its fragile parts.

Cleaning & Care

Again, stainless steel gas stove is easier to clean and they do not require any additional care at the time of cleaning and as well as cooking. But in a glass stop gas stove, while cleaning it, do not use a scrubber as it can cause scratches on the surface.

Also, it has recommended that you should not clean the glass top gas stop while it is hot because the sudden drop in temperature when you pour the cleaning solution could crack the glass top surface and it will lead you to heavy charges.

However, the stainless steel stove can be cleaned even while it is hot.

Price & Warranty

When it comes to the price of the gas stove, then glass top gas stoves are much costlier than stainless steel gas stoves. It is because they made up of high quality, elegant, attractive, and strong glass.

Moreover, they build up with help of 2 or more metals and materials, on the other hand, stainless steel gas stoves made up of only stainless steel metal. That is why they are the cheapest ones.

But in the case of warranty, stainless steel gas stove is the clear winner. Because it has seen at many places that the stainless steel gas stove works fine even after its warranty period. On the other hand, glass top gas stoves require proper care and maintenance.

Wrapping Up

All the above points clarify all the merits and demerits of glass top gas stove and stainless steel gas stove. I have discussed all the major things about glass top gas stove vs stainless steel. We hope that now you can figure out which one is better for you.

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